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"Among the many success coaches and Internet marketing consultants I have known, Mary Henderson beats them all for knowledge, integrity, outstanding communications, commitment to continuing education and human service, and overall benefit from the relationship. I think the main reason Mary is so successful, and a joy to work with, is that she most sincerely cares about contributing more than she receives. She is the best of the best, and it has been an honor and blessing to witness her in action."

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, internationally known consumer health activist, researcher, educator, author, and filmmaker.

3 Steps to Emotional Freedom Now!

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The Secret Power To Success

Declaring your emotions and feelings attached to past stories are literally the first step to un-peeling the layers of hard coded memories that are holding you back from understanding your inner power. Usually these emotions have been acquired during childhood where you were in a situation and unfortunately created a belief or story around that situation that plays out in many areas of your life today. Declaring the emotions and the feelings these emotions give you is literally the first step to freeing yourself FOREVER from this suffering. We call this process Declare - Apply - Surrender because there are three easy steps to follow to start un-peeling these unwanted emotions to make way for new experiences and emotions. We provide you with a FREE workbook, meditation audio and video training that gives you instant tools to commence this application right now. Click banner above to access this information or go to our product section to learn more about our online programs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you……Where has this information been?  I have been looking for the answers but never got the truth.  I have 4 children and have already started to apply what I have learned.  Releasing old emotions and writing my story around each emotion, literally transformed me in one day.  My wife and children have all seen a different person and I can say that I am finally free from an old emotional block that has held me back for 20 years.  You guys rock and I wish you all the success you deserve.

Simon AVP Sales & MarketingCincinnati, Ohio

Connecting The Dots...

What would you do if you knew how to use your brain and mind to create new experiences? There are so many components in understand Who You Are....When you understand that you are more than a body and your mind, you are unstoppable. The mind is however a fundamental tool that you have. You can either use it to achieve your intentions or self destruct. Most of us live a self destructive life and lifestyle, because we don't understood the power of our mind and how our brain is the facilitator of this energy. The meditation audios in our programs have been strategically crafted to utilize parts of the brain that tap into our power center that literally bypass the conscious mind and tap directly into the sub conscious. The meditation audios also combine music in 528Hz and use sacred geometry in a subtle yet powerful way. There is no other product on the market that combines these scientific components to maximize your manifestation process.

I came from an IT background, a world full of ego where dog eats dog. It’s not the life that I want and this program guided me to pursue that happy life I’ve always dreamed of.

Rob A.PhotographerMelbourne, Australia

The Power of Meditation

Most people would love to meditate but do not understand 'Why' and 'How' to meditate. When we understand how to use our brain to get into a state of relaxation and invite techniques into our meditation that combine neuroscience, sacred geometry and sound frequencies, we get a very powerful formula that not only transforms us but invites new intelligence into our DNA. Meditation is about trusting and allowing your spirit self to negotiate with the higher power the wonderful experiences that await you in your physical realm. The Secret Power To Success Program has a series of meditation audio's that combine so many powerful techniques, you will not find it in any other personal development program.

I have read hundreds of books and bought every self help audio program on the market but nothing that I have read has provided me this information and references so that I can further my education.  Kudos to the team at The Secret Power To Success – you guys have done a great thing for humanity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Donna S.DentistLos Angeles, California

Step By Step Program

Most of us have read, watched and listened to hundreds of 'self-help' information, yet we are all in the same place. Rarely, if ever do we have major shifts or AhHa moments. The AhHa moments can only happen when we have challenged our paradigm enough that the neurons in our brain are literally doing a salsa dance. These moments are important in order for us to grow and thrive but without the correct information and tools, we will remain the same as yesterday and the day before. What is the key to our success and growth? Knowledge and truth. Understanding the knowledge and applying tools and techniques that are powerful and make sense is the key to your success. The Secret Power To Success uncovers each step in a modular format. Each step is a critical stepping stone from understanding your biology, to releasing your emotions and feelings, meditation that uses neuroscience, sacred geometry, sound frequencies, affirmations using numbers that ancient cultures have know for thousands of years, your diet and so much more. This program has been in the making for two years and now it is ready to be unveiled to the world......

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